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Pl-autotek Mobile Custom Ecu Remapping And Tuning

ECU Remapping Warranty

For obvious reasons, we understand that when trusting your vehicle with a garage or ecu remapping firm, you need to know what sort of warranty is behind the work that is to be carried out. We have all that in place. All of our work is guaranteed and backed with a warranty. And if ever, from a direct result of any of our remapping services, there is a problem, then rest assured we will sort it out! You may even feel, after driving away, that you don’t want the remap on your vehicle, although this is completely unheard of, to prove how confident we are in the top quality remaps we provide, we offer a full refund if you aren’t completely happy! This is the strongest indicator of our confidence in our remapping and tuning and the ability of our in house map writers.

​From £225

​The remapped ECU file is modified & sent back to the PL-AUTOTEK technician and uploaded back onto your vehicle’s ECU. Remapping is complete.

The ECU file is then sent to & worked on by Specialist Engine Tuning Experts at BHP UK’s Head Office and a custom map is prepared for your vehicle.

A  technician reads the ECU file from your vehicle and saves a copy for modifying. It can be done at PL-AUTOTEK's workshop or a location of your choice.

Remapping Process?

​Therefore, these manufacturers have to come up with a compromise for all these factors and achieve this by having different versions of the same engine – the lower vehicle models are ideal for: third world and/or countries with more stringent emission rules and different market categories and higher vehicle models are ideal for: people looking for higher vehicle performance and car tuning, for use in countries where the fuel quality is high. Confused? Don’t be… Contact Us  & we’ll explain in more detail!

​The ECU also needs to be prepared for poor fuel quality, which is common in third world and poorer countries. There is also an incentive to down-tune vehicle engines (car performance), in order to make them fit into specific market and even, insurance categories. This means that more often than not a ‘lower’ model is in fact, just a down-tuned ‘higher’ model, with exactly the same engine in both. Without these ‘down-tuned models’, manufacturers would struggle to have vehicles for each category.

​ECU Remapping is the process used to tailor the common functions set out within a vehicle’s ECU. An ECU is programmed by car manufacturers to control the engine’s functions & therefore all ECU’s need to be programmed with a lot of tolerance. Car manufacturers need to take this precaution as they have to cater for the diverse number of markets that their vehicle may end up in. The ECU needs to cover the levels of neglect some vehicle owners show their vehicle engine, in terms of servicing & upkeep.

​​​​ECU Remapping?